Joe's Short Angle System


Joey's Short Angle System

Going into a corner with maximum side english has problems....below is the solution.

RULE: A cue ball aimed at point "X", from a cue ball origin of 35, will return to 35 .... this is called the "base line".

RULE: A cue ball aimed at "X", from any long rail origin point between 35 and 0, returns to the third rail half way to the "base line".

EXAMPLE: A cue ball aimed at X, from a cue ball origin of 15, returns half way to the base line, or 25.

When the cue ball is located badly, mentally move the cue ball to a "perfect" cue ball origin, where all you would have to do is aim at X to hit your desired 3rd rail hit point ...... once done, sight a line from this perfect origin point, thru point X, and past the table about 6 feet, to a "spot on the wall" called point Z ..... from your actual cue ball location, aim at Z.

NOTE: check your table, you may find that 32, when aimed at X, returns to 32.

POCKET BILLIARDS: Point X must be moved 1/4 of a diamond since the pocket is in the way ..... now find the new "base line" ...... it may be that 30 returns to 30.

NOTE: See volume I of the Billiard Atlas for locating the paths from the third to fourth rails

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