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This site is dedicated to the memory of Walt Harris. Billiards Ambassador and internationally know author of the four volume Billiards Atlas. Walt and his books are well known and respected through out the entire Billiards World. Through His dedication and selfishless pursuit of information, Billiards masters through out the world unveiled secrets of the game that if not for Waltís efforts would have remained a secret for all time.

Walt wrote:
The four Atlas books have over 800 pages of technical data, all concerning billiard systems and techniques. This is enough study material to raise any playerís game level.

My urgent wish is that you reach a higher level of play.
Please accept these books in the spirit in which I present them. A token of my devotion to the game of billiards and to the players of the world."

All four of Waltís Billiards Atlas Books remain available for the pool and billiards players of the world to learn from and enjoy!

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