Two Thirds System


A wonderful way to estimate cue ball paths that are longer than running english can provide.

RULE: Using no cue ball english, when the cue ball is aimed at point X, the return path to the third rail is 2/3 of the cue ball origin number.

Two Thirds System

EXAMPLE: When a cue ball is aimed at point X and has an origin point of 8, the return path to the third rail is 2/3 of 8, or 5.3
8 x 2/3 = 5.3

EXAMPLE: A cue ball aimed at point X, from a cue ball origin of 12, returns to the third rail at point 8.
12 x 2/3 = 8

When the cue ball is located badly, mentally move the cue ball to a "perfect" cue ball origin and note this path.....from your actual cue ball location, use a parallel line to the "perfect "path to find the new aim path.

Test your table and if needed, slightly alter the numbers ..... for example, the cue ball origin number of 12, may be need a change of .25 of a diamond.

NOTE: Too much speed changes the return path ... so does high english .... use 4 rail speed if possible ..... adjust for higher speeds.

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