Bernie's System


System secrets are closely guarded by an inner circle of top players.....this information makes for winning nine-ball, one pocket, 3-cushion billiards, etc. etc.

If you begin by making this "Bernie System" part of your game and later add a few more systems, it will make the difference between winning and losing.

In this example, a 3 rail bank is side English on the cue find the 1st rail hit point, subtract the 3rd rail hit point number from the cue ball origin number.

Bernie's System

If you can hit the six ball, the nine can be pocketed.....Cue ball origin is 60, desired 3rd rail hit point is 30.....60 minus 30 = 30.....Aim for 30 on 1st rail.

Bernie's System

1st Step - the cue ball origin is estimated to be about 70.....2nd Step - the desired 3rd rail hit spot is estimated at 40.....3rd Step - find the 1st rail aim spot by 70 - 40 = 30.

Note: stroke is very important, use dead ball English, and a follow through stroke, level cue and "roll the ball softly," with a short bridge.

Note: if the cue ball origin was 50, then 50 - 40 = 10.....aim at 10 on the first rail.

Note: refererence is made volume II, chapter 7, for cue ball origins from the short rail..... (SEE "Lucky Seven")

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