Pocket Billiard and Snooker Player's Excerpts


"Your books are great.....they helped solve a lot of my students problems.....thanks for taking the time to do all the research work."

Ken Tewksbury, an advanced level instructor for the Billiard Congress of America

".....I own an extensive library of pool books, but these (Atlas books) were the first ones that were literally filled with things I never knew existed.....I am amazed at how accurate these systems are..."

The Billiard Congress of Wisconsin........Ed Mercier, BCW Secretary

".....using Harris' systems, the player can improve rapidly."

Dallas West, Pool Champion

".....His books deal with banking techniques, and how to make the right carom shot from various positions.....with his precise documentation and diagrams, Walter Harris has added an important chapter to the history of billiards."

European Billiard News, Austria

"Closely guarded secrets are now available.....this book can give you the edge for winning 9 ball, one pocket and even 8 ball through increasing knowledge of kicks and safety play.....good stuff. As with his other books, pool players will learn a whole new way of thinking.....not only useful for shooting kick shots, but offering a new way of thinking about cloth, balls and much more. "

Pool And Billiard Magazine........Tom Shaw, Senior Editor

"experts would rather surrender secrets of their sex lives than share a useful tip or system.....this book coaxes billiard secrets from the best.....read Walt Harris's books and prosper mightily."

Billiard Digest Magazine........George Fels, Feature Writer And Consulting Editor

".....a few memorized systems can be devastating."

"Preacher" Feeney, Pool Teacher And USA Snooker Representative

".....your first book has been a great help to my three-cushion game. I have even adapted some of the carom techniques to pool, with striking effect."

Michael Iam Shamos, Author

".....there has never been anything written like this.....these systems and techniques open the door of possibilities for pool, or 3-cushion players, like never before.....many very good players cannot control the cue ball, or solve simple carom problems."

Chris Crisman, Noted Tournament Impresario

".....we frequently receive very positive comments about the quality of the content in your book .....congratulations on a job well done."

Ina Baskin, The Billiard Library

".....it offers really valuable information.
I have applied what I have learned to pool instead of 3-cushion."

John Bills

".....I have been a billiards and pool player for some 30 odd years, and have read all of the books, old, antique, you name it.....the 'Atlas' is by far the most exciting
.....I only wish it were ten times the size."

Leathian Prince

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