Carom Player's Excerpts


".....with his systems, Harris promises the beginner quick success, his books talk about angles, mathematics of the diamond markings on the cushion, and their secrets.....With his accurate playing diagrams, Harris has ended a dark chapter of.....billiard history."

Germany's Der Spiegel Magazine

".....a must for every 3-cushion player who wants to improve his game."

Holland's Biljart Magazine

"I learned much from your book."

Roberto Rojas, Four time 3-cushion Billiard Champion of Mexico, 17 time Latin American Artistic Billiard Champion, 1990 World Artistic Champion 2nd place.

"In my ten years as an instructor, and 24 years as a player, I haven't seen anything like this.....your books will make a difference not only in 3-cushion, but all disciplines.....and will improve my own way of instruction."

Jimmy Lauridsen, Billiard instructor, author, and tournament consultant in the Danish Billiard Federeration.

"Rich at last.....a Billiard Atlas I, II & III.....a true goldmine for every billiard player.....takes breath away, you know.....thanks, thanks and thank you."

Sjaak Rutten, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

".....any player willing to expend some effort will find much here to improve his indispensable reference work."

Robert Byrne, Author

"I've enjoyed all three Atlas books.....I carry them with me on airplanes and read them during my down time and can't believe how much I've learned from re-reading and re-reading them.....It seems like there was some stuff I didn't even see on the first two times through.....It's helped my game tremendously and I'm looking forward to seeing how I'll do in the National 3-cushion tournament in Minneapolis this year.....I plan to donate another set of books to my billiard club in Louisville for my opponents and friends to check out and read.....I am making it their Christmas present.....Once again, I can't tell you how much your books have meant to me.

Dr. Thom J. Zimmerman, Professor, University of Louisville

".....interesting book."

Richard Bitalis, Top World Class Player And French Champion

".....if you wish to learn 3-cushion billiards, study Walt Harris's books."

George Ashby, 8 Time USA Champ

".....these books feature a unique method of study which provides the keys to an entire family of shots, filled with clear and concise explanations by the masters of the carom game."

Holland's World Report and 3-Cushion Magazine

".....these billiard books are great."

Carlos Hallon, 3 Time USA Champ

".....The Billiard Atlas III, along with the past books, "I & II", embraces the magnitude of billiard system knowledge, and is presented in a way that is interesting and pretty.....they could not be more easy to understand.....each of these books are a work of art. Harris is the greatest billiard philosopher and one of the best theory teachers who has ever passed through the billiard world.....Bravo."

Michael Cacoulidis, Thessaloniki, Greece

"I used two ideas from the "Atlas II" book and came in first in a 16 player California tournament."

Darrell Stutesman, Tour Player

".....Every player that I know, who wants to improve their game, owes you a debt of gratitude.....don't ever stop."
Joe Dymit

".....It's nice to win games and all that, but what I really enjoy is learning how the game works.....this is where the "Atlas books" have helped me.....time for a little bragging, after getting your books, my personal high run went from an 8 to a 12."

Ron Seitz, West Point, New York

".....I am amazed at the contents.....even in Japan, we do not have this kind of many systems that I have never dreamed of, attracts me."

Nakatani Tomoaki, Japanese University Student

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