The three-cushion-bible by Walt Harris.

In October 1998, American Walt Harris published volume IV of his "Billiard Atlas on Systems & Techniques", a bible on the subject of three-cushion-billiards, and it certainly deserves the worlds' attention.

Harris, an indefatigable promotor of the three-cushion game in the US, since 1988, documents all kinds of systems, techniques, recommendations and tricks that can be useful in playing (especially) three-cushion-billiards.

This study- and reference work, totalling approximately 900! pages by now, offers an almost incredible collection of detailed calculated systems and three-cushion-shots, brought together out of books, magazines, observations in play, and also using his hundreds of contacts - oral and in writing - with billiard players, journalists and other writers on the subject. You can find here, diamond systems used by such old champions like Willie Hoppe (1887-1959), but also many, many systems and techniques of today's tournament-play, all elaborated in a comprehensive way.

Along with a galaxy of American champions, the books deals with international well-known three-cushion-players like Kobayashi, Komori, and Bitalis. The Billiard Atlas is not following an extreme systematic framework, like for instance Raymond Ceulemans' 1979 weighty volume"Mr. 100", on the same subject.

It is however, a true goldmine for every billiard player who wants to become less dependent on the (so often lacking) "shape (form?) of the day". Especially playing matches when your "natural feel" seems to be gone, when you see kisses all over the table and when all angles seem to be "oblique"; in these matches you may be saved from defeat by some elementary knowledge of angles and points of departure and arrival.

This elementary knowledge you will find in Harris' books. And so much more: all kinds of variations on the basic techniques and systems, with calculations and cue-handling advice included. Even systems where aiming points are calculated on the walls of the billiard room, in a word: you can find here everything billiard players in decades worked out to jack up averages. Shots have funny - and so typical American - names like "The wow shot", "Wow's cousin", "Frank does not kiss" etc., the system used by Kobayashi is called "The rising sun system".

Beside all that, chapters are found on position play (defense and breakbuilding), the mental game, on equipment, cushion slide, cuehandling, "sharking" etc. A cornucopia, studybook, for years and years to come, published in three volumes (up to now!), in private press.

You can obtain Billiard Atlas volumes I, II, III & IV by paying $95 + $6 (shipping), contact the author at the address shown below.

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