Billiard Atlas Volume 2

Book review excerpts by Gerard Klinkert in Holland's Biljart Magazine


For years, Harris has followed some of the world's best masters of the 3-cushion game, finding out the know how of billiard systems, techniques and tips from such players as Kobayashi, Komori, Sang Lee, Ashby, Bitalis, etc., etc.....these were collected by Walter Harris, who considers himself a billiard reporter.

These really unique study books named the "Billiard Atlas" will be arriving onto the Dutch market to help the 3-cushion player and eventually the Belgium player, and they can profit from the knowledge of these top players.

Before he wrote these books, if a player decided to study three cushion billiards, he could not find enough "structured study information" from the past top players.....and what little material was available was out of print, or seemed to be lost in the archives of time. In his position of a billiards reporter, he decided to research and collect necessary information, and this took him on a five year trip into the storehouses of billiard information. A "must" for every 3-cushion player who wants to improve his game tremendously.

This is a self-published, soft cover, 200 pages measuring 8.5 x 11 inches each featuring 75 full page diagrams.

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