Billiard Atlas Volume 3

Book review excerpts by Tom Shaw, Feature Editor, Pool & Billiard Magazine


Varied, valuable and vivid

Author Walt Harris has been playing billiard sleuth for years, unearthing 3-C systems around the globe, and making them available to enthusiasts. His books have stirred up quite a bit of interest in the game, and especially in system play. Harris adds more previously little known systems to billiards archive.....25 of them, to be exact. But this time, he ventures out more into other areas. He puts forth his views on the state of the 3-cushion game in America, writes about alternative tournament formats, talks about a new ball cleaner/polisher, discusses cloth, offers advice on the mental game and the stroke. He also discusses coaching and the styles of various players in the upper ranks of 3-C play. The 25 newly covered systems are roughly grouped (crosstable, short angle shots, etc.) and there are brief lines of advice scattered throughout the book as well.....In short: varied, valuable and vivid. As with his other books, pool players will learn a whole new way of thinking. This time around, it's a bit different approach (for pool players), not only useful for shooting kick shots, but offering a new way of thinking about cloth, balls and much more.

The Billiard Atlas on Systems and Techniques, Volume 3, is now available. 8.5 x 11 inches, 200 pages, 75 full page diagrams.

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