Volume IV

A Billiard Atlas on Systems and Techniques
Information from so many past high level billiard researchers, and noted players, make this volume IV unique.....names such as Ameen, Bitalis, Blomdahl, Conlon, Hallon, Hayama, Jaspers, Lauridsen, Rojas, Machida, Machetta, Maloney, Matsuzaka, Piedrabuena, Procita, Sang Lee, Shimada, Shooni, Strange, Van Barel, Viguera, and many players of lesser fame.

This volume has included data on the "half ball" hit.....this concept, in conjunction with the "basic system", is a key addition to any players' game, especially the drop-in shot.....these many pages also include rare information on curved cue ball paths, across the table shots, frozen object ball hits, backouts, the two thirds calculation, along with many dead ball methods.....chapter 8 is loaded with first rate techniques.

I am not sure where to stop in saying what's best.....long angle shots, important practice drills, across the table shots (the long way), stretching angles, slight masses, and let's not forget the important path changes when comparing inside, to outside object ball hits.....the one-pocket and nine ball player will have new study material.

My last and perhaps my favorite volume.

This is a self-published, soft cover, 234 pages measuring 8.5 x 11 inches each featuring 85 full page diagrams.

"This is probably the best volume since the first one in the set and an obvious "must have" for any three-cushion billiard player"

"For serious students of the cue sports (pocket players) the answer is "yes"....."One-pocket players, and anyone faced with kicks (especially multi-rail kicks) and multi-rail position play".

"I simply can't imagine anyone who plays caroms, or is interested in learning the game, not owning all of them and pouring over the pages night after night".

Tom Shaw

Managing Editor of Pool and Billiard Magazine
"Volume 4 is a triumph.....I felt as if the facts of life were being explained to me
for the first time.

Contains inside knowledge that even insiders don't know. There are ideas here that Willie Hoppe never dreamed of.

Such ideas! It will take me 6 months to go through everything at the table.

If billiard is a mathematical game, this is your geometry book."

Mike Shamos

Billiards authority, historian, curator of the "Billiard Archive", feature writer and contributing editor for the Billiards Digest and author of many noted books on the various cue sports.

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